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A link to Carry Bridge - my 21st century server

JNOS Webserver, by Erik Halfwerk and Wim Knevel based on the original work by Phil Karn [KA9Q]

KA9Q NOS was developed to communicate over serial lines and packet radio in the 1980s

Running on a Caldera DrDOS floppy disk image loaded into memory over the network on a Wyse Pentium Geode 366MHz thin client. The diskette still has over 1Mb of free space on it!

   Projects using old thin clients       Some 16 bit applications for DOS       Other files, email me for password   

Wyse S90 EZNOS Floppy

I became interested in thin clients when I was asked to customise and support a build for Wyse S90 and V90 clients, using "Wyse Device Manager" software. About 200 devices were installed with my build on them, and during the following decade, we had one hardware failure, and no software failures. The hardware failure was caused when a faulty bar code scanner was plugged into the keyboard port.
I purchased two Wyse boxes for under ₤10, an S90 with XPe and an S10, with the embedded WTOS operating system, good for RDP and Citrix, but not much else.
I use the S90 as a low power FM transmitter for internet radio. It runs Puppy Linux Wary 5.5 from pxe boot in command line only, with the saved files on a 256Mb usb stick, I use Wake on Lan, and telnet to control it, as it's upstairs. The S10 runs this website. Since the image of the floppy disk is in ram, it should be unbreakable.

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